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Phobia is an intense and irrational fear of a specific object, situation or place that occurs due to different biological and environmental factors. Phobia is most frequently caused by emotional trauma such as death of a loved one or loss of job. This disorder is usually accompanied with a panic attack, nausea, anxiety, shortness of breath and sweating.

How Phobia Develops?

Each person has variety of negative and positive experiences that occur throughout his or her life. Every experienced event is through the nerves recorded by the amygdale and hippocampus regions in the brain. Our response to different experiences is regulated by the nervous system, which also creates emotional memory of these events. Positive events and memories usually result in happiness and laughter whereas negative experiences and memories lead to fear, anxiety and high levels of stress.

When a person goes through a threatening situation, it causes a shock that triggers the NMDA receptor in the brain which regulates excitatory neurotransmission. The receptors then cause specific physiological effect in the brain cells that is activated every time the person experiences shock. Over time, the NMDA receptors leave their imprints on the brain cells which are then converted into phobias.

Strange Phobias

There are a vast number of types of phobia that affect physical and mental state of people. Some of the most common phobias include: fear of closed-in spaces (claustrophobia), fear of blood, fear of being outside (agoraphobia), fear of snakes, fear of flying, fear of heights (acrophobia) etc. However, there are also strange phobias when an individual experiences stress and intense fear when encounters something strange that other people cannot even think about or imagine.

List of Strange PhobiasAllodaxaphobia - it is an intense fear of other people’s opinion. People who have this phobia keep away from involving in debates and discussions because opinion of other people makes them uncomfortable.Barophobia - an abnormal fear of gravity. People who suffer from barophobia may fear of being crushed by the force of gravity or that gravity may fail and cause them to float away. Chromophobia - this is unreasonable fear of colors that causes people to avoid colorful things.Dextrophobia - it is an unusual fear of objects that are at the right side of the body.Euphobia - it is a fear of hearing good news. It may affect people who have experienced numerous negative events that they become afraid of moments of happiness.Francophobia - also known as Gallophobia is abnormal fear of France, French people and French culture. It is a type of xenophobia, fear of foreigners, foreign culture and language. Japanophobia - this is a fear of Japanese that may develop due to unpleasant experiences related to Japan.Genuphobia - it is irrational fear of/for knees. Opthophobia - weird phobia when one is afraid of opening their eyes.Plutophobia - it is fear of wealth. Selenophobia - it is a fear of moon and moonlight that causes people to avoid getting out during night.Uranophobia - it is an unusual fear of heaven. Dendrophobia - fear of trees that causes affected people to avoid going to forests and parks.Telephonophobia - this is fear of telephones. Arithmophobia - people with this phobia are afraid of numbers.Heliophobia - it is a fear of sun and sunlight that causes people with this phobia to avoid locations with plenty of sunlight.

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