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Depression is disorder that includes damaged emotions,especially the positive mood of a person. There are many types of depression,each caused by different factors, and basic types are primary and secondary.Primary type is a situation where depression is the only condition that affectsa patient. Secondary type is a situation in which there is another conditionpresent, so depression might be considered a symptom of that other illness.Depression can be endogenous in nature, caused by a genetic factor, andexogenous, induced by the factors from the surrounding environment. Depressionalso includes psychotic and neurotic forms. Psychotic form includes distancingfrom reality and there are psychotic elements present (the patient is hearingvoices), while neurotic form includes anxiety elements.


Depression can be a phase of a more serious condition, suchas bipolar disorder (manic depressive patient). Disorder is characterized with2 general moods of the patient, which change from time to time. Numerousfactors might lead to occurrence of bipolar disorder (environmental factors,genetic factors and factors related to the individual's experience). Geneticfactors are usually responsible with 60% for emerging of this condition. Thisillness usually affects women more (with 3:1 ration regarding men) and its maincharacteristic is change of the mood when a person feels and acts good andpositive with a mood that includes different levels of depression. This mood iscompletely opposite to the previous one and it might even lead to the suicide.

Many biochemical researches have been monitoring thechanges in chemical levels and relation of substances with depression. Thefirst theory tells us that one of the metabolites of noradrenalin in the urineis decreased in such patients, while it is at higher level in a healthy person.This means that depression can be characterized by low level of noradrenergicactivity. This condition is battled with increased levels of substances thatenhance noradrenergic activity.

Another theory tell us that some patients who suffer fromdepression have low level of functional serotonin and that some patients createnormal amounts of serotonin but the receptors for serotonin are not workingproperly. It is proved that the main serotonin metabolite - 5-HIAA is reducedin liquor (fluid found in the brain and spine), which is a direct connectionbetween serotonin and depression.


When it comes to treating depression, it is essential toknow what the exact source of the condition is. There are strong meds that candefinitely help with this condition butthere are also individual and group sessions that can alsocontribute to curing this condition.

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