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The lymphatic system is a part of the human body’s immune system. The lymph nodes are mainly made of the white blood cells. Therefore, the main role of white blood cells is to be our natural fighter against different kinds of viruses, bacteria and their infections. There are several types of the white blood cells. However, the most numerous is a type of the white blood cells called lymphocytes. Lymphocyte cells are produced in the bone marrow, where the other blood cells are produced as well.

It is very important to maintain the normal level of the white blood cells and not to allow the increase or decrease of the proper amount, which is considered to be 1000 - 4800/µL. T cells, B cells and natural killer are three types of lymphocytes and their main role is to prevent the malign cell growth, as well as the antibody production. It has been proven than T cells and B cells are crucial for preventing of the growth of cancerous cells.

Low level of lymphocytes

When a blood test shows that the amount of the lymphocytes is under or just borders 1000/µL, it means that the organism’s immune system is very weak and that the body is not capable to fight against infections. Therefore, the person with low lymphocyte levels is prone to develop many infections, tumors and cancers. Moreover, the low level of this kind of the white blood cells may even cause damage to the organs because its normal amount in the blood is considerable.

Causes of the low levels of lymphocytes

The low lymphocyte level may be caused by several reasons. It is very important to detect the main cause and immediately start the treatment because the person with this condition is susceptible to many infections. Any malfunction of the bone marrow leads to the lowering of lymphocytes since they are manufactured there. One of the most common bone marrow disorders is Aplastic anemia. It is a condition marked by the insufficient bone marrow production of the new cells.

There are many conditions that may lead to the occurrence of the drop in the level of lymphocytes. Many autoimmune diseases, as well as neurological diseases usually cause low lymphocytes levels. HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and tuberculosis, as well as typhoid fever are some of the medical conditions that may be the responsible for the low levels of lymphocytes.

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