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The division of cells and wound healing are just some of the functions the amino acid we are talking about in this text fulfills. This amino acid is called the arginine and it can be located in proteins. In 1895, the first isolation of this amino acid from the animal took place. Arginine has 3-carbon aliphatic straight chain and has anti-oxidant properties. This basic amino acid at the distal end of the chain has guanidium. We will focus on this amino acid, which is one of the most common amino acids.


The arginine affects the immune system by giving it a boost. Also it aids the manufacture of the T-cells due to the effect made on the development of thymus gland. It helps the pituitary gland in the secretion of the hormone responsible for the growth. Arginine helps the body to be more sensitive to the insulin and it also helps the pancreas produce the insulin. You can acquire some supplements of arginine amino acid if you wish to reduce body mass because this amino acid can reduce weight. This amino acid is very important due to the fact it can reduce the male spermatozoid count if enough arginine amino acid is not present in the body, which is due to the fact we can locate arginine in the sperm and if there is no enough arginine, the mentioned problem would happen. To its effects, we can add the improvement of sex urge among men and women and also the maintenance of the distribution of blood to the reproductive organs. Migraine and high blood pressure can be treated with the use of arginine amino acid.


The amino acid we are focusing on is made in the skin, and in some cases, the body may not be producing adequate amounts of arginine. In these cases, you can do several things. You can buy some arginine supplements, or increase the consumption of foods with high levels of arginine. Some skin problems will appear if the deficiency of arginine is present. You can include several food items in your nutrition. Some of them include cottage cheese, soybean, chocolate, seafood, meat, almond, Brazil nuts, brown rise, whole wheat, raisins, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.

Side Effects

There are some side effects possible but they are rare. Some of them are skin coarsening and thickening, weakness, nausea, diarrhea. Also, toxicity cases have been noted due to the excessive use of this amino acid. See a professional prior to taking arginine supplements if you have kidney or liver disorders. Those with low blood pressure, genital herpes and diabetes can only take L-arginine, while heart attack patients and pregnant women should not use this supplement at all. For the end, let’s say to always use prescribed dosages.

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