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Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is the medical term for theoccurrence of plaques or abnormal scar tissue in tissues inside the penis. In thecase of this disorder, usually, the penis in erection is bent and causes pain. Thiscondition can be very stressful for a man, because the man with Peyronie’sdisease cannot have normal sex.

Peyronie’s disease has many symptoms andwarning signs. The most common is deformed penis in erection, but this deformitycan become worse over time. Pain in the erection, pain during an orgasm and pain when it is touchedare further symptoms of this disease. The man may feel flat lumps or a band of hardtissues under the skin of the penis. Moreover there are cases where shortening of the penis may occur aswell as erectile dysfunction.

Medications for Peyronie’s disease

If some of these symptoms are noticed, the manmust consult the doctor who will prescribe medications or proper treatment. Thedoctors usually do not prescribe the oral medications because their effectivenesshas not been completely investigated yet. Some doctors prescribe the penile injections. Inthis kind of treatment, the medicine is injected in the scar tissue in thepenis. Before eachinjection, the local anesthetic must be given to the patient, because theinjections are painful. Although this treatment is not fully researched itmay reduce the curvature of the penis and the pain.

The drugs given through the penileinjections are verapamil, interferon and collagenase as well as vitamin E, potabaand cholcicine. Verapamil is the medicine that prevents the production of collagen which is the main cause for the development of scar tissue. Interferon is a protein which has the sameeffect as verapamil, whereas collagenase is an enzyme that is very effective indisintegrating collagen and reducing or removing of some scar tissues.

Surgeries for Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease may be severe and, in thatcase, the doctors usually recommend the surgery. There are three types ofsurgery for Peyrenie’s disease:

The Nesbit procedure refers to the shorteningof the tunica albuginea on the side of the penis opposite the scar tissue. Thistype of surgery is for the men with adequate length of penis and a less severe curvature, because this surgery shortens the length of the penis.Lengthening the affected side is the surgerywhere the scar tissue is cut on several places, or when the scar tissues areremoved. In order to fill the holes in the tunica albuginea the surgeon takesthe tissue grafts and places them there. This type of surgery is often recommendedfor the men with short penis and that have severe curvature of the penis.Penile implants are usually recommended forthe men that have Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

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