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Inflammation of the liver could be caused by a hepatitis virus.There are different types of hepatitis virus: A, B, C, D, E and G. Hepatitis Ais a RNAvirus causing the acute infection of the liver called also hepatitis A. The virus comes from the Picornaviridae family and hepatovirus genus, and affectsonly humans.

Hepatitis A cannot be spread by casual contact, in school oroffice. It is commonly spread inunsanitary areas, without personal hygiene. Someone is most likely to beinfected by eating or drinking something contaminated, coming from a stool of aperson infected with hepatitis A. Another possibility to be infected is asexual partner with hepatitis A. (Medical terms for these types of transmissionare fecal-oral and sexual transmission.)

For a person infected with hepatitis A virus, there is nospecific medication. Doctors deal with the apparent symptoms and treat them andeventual complications. Most of the patients do not have any symptoms and others mighthave influenza-like symptoms, or tiredness, fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominalpain, loss of appetite or weight loss. There were cases when patients had yellowish skinand eyes, dark urine or light colored stool.

Hepatitis A is not a chronic condition, it doesn’t haveprogressive stages and doesn’t damage the liver permanently.

There is no specific cure to hepatitis A. The recovery just takestime, and most of the patients are completely recovered after couple of months.You could only get vaccinated, avoid the infection and keep the good hygienehabits, to prevent the hepatitis A. The vaccine for hepatitis A prevents theinfection in adults and children older than 1 year.

Doctors recommend eating enough when diagnosed with hepatitisA. To avoid the nausea eat during the day, several small meals and avoid foodin the evening. Crackers and toast in the morning may resolve possible morningsickness or you could try lemon water or lemon drop.

Take enough rest, allow your body enough time to fight thehepatitis A infection.

Try to drink 10 to 16 glasses of clear water or non-caffeinateddrinks.

Avoid using alcohol. Any amount of alcohol could be potentiallyharmful for you liver, when having hepatitis A.

Doctors recommend regular exercise for hepatitis A patients,preferring moderate exercise, like walking.

Some medication might affect your liver and worsen thecondition. Your doctor should be informed about all the medicines you have beentaking, including OTC (over the counter) and herbal medications.

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