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Pneumonia is a condition which was taken far more seriously in the past, because its treatment was not as effective as it is today. In fact, even nowadays, with all the scientific and medical advancements, about 60,000 people lose their lives because of this disease.

Usually, pneumonia is treated with antibiotic medications. However, many people are wondering whether this condition is contagious while one is on these drugs. If you are eager to find out the answer, read through the following lines and learn everything about the causes and manifestations of pneumonia.

Reasons behind Pneumonia

The most dangerous type of pneumonia is triggered by a bacterial infection. Nevertheless, pneumonia may also stem from a fungal or a viral infection. As far as bacteria are concerned, streptococcus pneumoniae is the culprit when ti comes to infected adults, while children usually get infected by mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Usually, pneumonia evolves from a common cold or influenza. Thus, people can contract it in any crowded place, mostly through inhaling the foreign matter. The weaker your immune system is, the greater your chances of getting pneumonia are.

Manifestations of Pneumonia

This condition causes pain in the chest area, accompanied by sweating, high fever and chills, breathing difficulties and cough. The cough may produce green or yellow sputum. Additionally, people suffering from pneumonia may experience extreme tiredness and headaches, as well as muscle pain.

All in all, this condition is quite a serious one and, because of that fact, many people want to know whether it can be transferred from one person to another or not.

The Contagious Nature of Pneumonia

First of all, not every person exposed to the microorganisms mentioned above contracts pneumonia. Rather, this depends on one's immune system. Thus, it does not spread from one person to another through contact. If your health is perfect, you will likely manage to deflect this illness. However, people with pneumonia may spread the infection through their bodily secretions. Therefore, proper hygiene is crucial for preventing pneumonia from spreading.

Finally, we reach the question mentioned at the very beginning of this article. When you have pneumonia and are on the antibiotic medications, your malignant bacteria will be dealt with and, if you follow the therapy they will be gone from your organism. However, if you suddenly stop taking antibiotics, the bacteria may remain active, potentially spreading the disease. So, take your doses for the prescribed period regularly and follow the doctor's instructions. This way, you and people around you will be safe from pneumonia.

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