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Choosing the proper method for reducing weight is half a job done, some will say. Of course, that is far from being truth, although finding a proper method, the one that will completely complement one’s body and metabolism, results in easier reducing weight process. Still, some other things are also needed, strong will and determination being two very important ones.

Dieting news

Lately, there have been several new techniques and products for weight reduction that are slowly becoming very popular. Acai berry diet and colon cleanse are being used a lot lately, even though colon cleanse is a bit old technique, now in a new shape.

Acai berry is a fruit that originates from Brazil. It looks similar to blackberries, although it is a bit bigger. Bigger or not, world fame was obtained when Oprah Winfrey started advertising the products that contain acai. It is true that acai berry contains really impressive amount of antioxidants, which are excellent in fighting against free radicals (toxic substances in our body). It is not yet established how exactly it helps with weight reduction, but it says so on each and every acai label. Still, that is something that yet has to be analyzed.

Cleansing methods

Colon cleanse is a method that has been introduced and was very popular in 1920s. Of course, methods used then and now are completely different. For couple of decades, this technique has been put aside and now it has resurfaced again. What is the theory behind the colon cleansing? Obviously, there is always some material in the colon that has some level of toxicity, and colon cleansing flushes out everything from the colon, which results in immediate weight loss, but the question whether there is some effectiveness for health remains unanswered.

As a conclusion, it can be said that these two methods supposedly have some positive effect, but, there is not one solid proof that says so. Still, these methods, especially the use of acai berry products have a lot of users. Both methods are somewhat good for our health, but for reducing weight, more effective exercising is needed. We will not mention a diet, since acai would play the role of a diet supplement. It is important for exercising to be done in a proper way and not to exhaust the practitioner. Also, fad diets can be used, although the excessive weight problem might not be solved easily because of the short term lasting of this diet. Pounds tend to return easily with this diet.

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