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Strains of the muscle and lumbar sprains can be the reason for the pain sensation in the lower back. This is one of the most common causes for this kind of pain. This problem is usually created by the excessive strain of the muscle fibers, which results in a torn of overstretched muscles. Another kind of problem is the lumbar sprain. Ligaments are found between the bones and have the function of binning them together. The strain occurs when the ligaments get detached from the bone, because of the strain. Making difference between the strain and sprain can be extremely difficult for a doctor, since they both produce very similar effects and symptoms. However, this is not very relevant, since the treatment of those two very serious problems is very much the same. They are very common in professional circles, since it is the most used excuse to miss work. Remember that, although these problems are very common and widespread, if you experience any kind of pain in the lower back area, visit to the doctor is needed.

Problems you may have could be the insignificant at first, but they can grow worse and even cause some problems with the spine. If this happens, patient will feel very acute pain, bowel or bladder decontrol, or serious weakness in extremities. If you have some of these problems, medical attention is required immediately. These problems with strains and sprains are very common since the bones, ligaments and muscles in the spine area are very busy during the day. Whenever we move a part of our body, they will also move. Problems which strains and sprains produce include spasm of the lower muscle, low back and upper buttock pain, and pain in general when some activity is performed. When a patient is suffering from a strain or a sprain, the pain will be significant. This pain is the result of a soft tissue inflammation, caused by the strain or the sprain. For people who are frequently experiencing these kinds of problems, cause can be in the way of the movement or lifting heavy objects. People who smoke, who are unfit or obese, are generally more affected. For the proper treatment, a proper cause for the problem has to be found.

Never move after you strain or sprain lower back. You have to rest for 48 hours, when the inflammation will reduce. Then use some medications. You can take muscle relaxation medications or anti-inflammatory ones, which will reduce the pain and the inflammation. After this, some activities have to be presented. They are extremely important for the muscles to make them strong. The stated treatment can prove to be unsuccessful. If that happens, revisit the doctor in order to find a real cause for the problem.

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