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Geographic tongue is usually a chronic condition of the tongue which is known under several other names, and some of them are also benign migratory glossitis and transitory benign plaques of the tongue. The main symptoms of this condition are discolored regions of taste buds which can, but do not necessarily have to be painful, but which are usually manifested after consumption of some foods which causes irritation. The surface of the tongue gets red patches and the patches have grayish and yellow borders. It is not uncommon that they can change in shape and size, and they can even disappear for some time, but they will definitely reappear, sooner or later. In some cases it is possible that fissures will appear as well. These symptoms are often followed by burning and piercing sensations, and tongue is easily irritated by spicy and sour foods, candies, tomato and other vegetables, as well as by some fruits.

It has not been determined for sure what the exact cause of the geographic tongue might be, but there are some indications which suggest that different genes are related to this unpleasant condition, and that it tends to be inherited. But, on the other side, it has also been proved that people with allergies and asthma, as well as people with deficiency in vitamin B or hormonal changes are more prone to developing this condition.

As for the treatment of geographical tongue, there are several ways to hold the condition back and to treat some of the symptoms, but the specific cure for it is still unknown. If you decide to see a doctor about it, you will probably hear that it is not a serious condition and that it does not require the treatment because it cannot affect your health . But the fact is that the condition will certainly not go away by itself. So, until the real and permanent cure is discovered, here are some of the things which you can do on your own. In order to relieve the uncomfortable sensations, you may want to try chewing mint leaves or sucking on a mint gum, because people say that it is helpful. Also, you should avoid strawberries and pineapple, as well as some other fruits which increase the sensitivity of the tongue. The use of the zinc supplements proved to be very helpful, too, as well as taking of the vitamin B, because this way the condition can be stopped, at least temporarily. Anti-inflammatory steroids may clear the patches if applied topically, and the burning sensation may be diminished by the use of antihistamines.

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