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Basic Guidelines

People who start their own garden are usually the ones who prefer using various different types of fresh herbs but find the selections in most supermarkets disappointing. Having a personal herb garden is a great way of having various types of beneficial herbs at hand, and in their freshest possible form. A large number of herbs such as fennel, mint, basil and rosemary are mainly used for a vast array of culinary purposes so they can be grown in a home herb garden as well. Herb garden provides loads of fun, its maintenance is fairly easy and it provides the owner with freshest herbs. Not all herb gardens have to be big, so one can start a home garden in the pots on the windowsill. This is an excellent way of starting a home garden because the aroma from the fresh herbs always fills the kitchen with its magical powers.

One should be careful in determining the location of the herb garden because different types of herbs need to be grown in specific conditions. Some herbs prefer plenty of sunlight, while some others do not. Some herbs prefer dry surroundings, while some others require moist growing conditions. One should always make a list of herbs first and then determine the ideal growing conditions which are to be compared with the existing conditions and possible options. Certain types of plants which require plenty of sunlight in order to grow properly include thyme, tarragon, rosemary, oregano, dill, chives and basil. There are also certain other herbs which prefer to be grown in a partial shade and those are mint, lemon balm and chervil.

Planning Your Garden

An interesting fact is that most herbs sprout once they get cut, so they actually get to grow better the more they get used. One can grow all the herbs which were originally included on the list, but the things can be spiced up by adding certain others which have never been tried before. Some herbs need to be started from seeds which can be bought in most well equipped garden shops while some others need to be propagated from cuttings. Some others can only be bought as plants. Each herb needs to have enough space so that it can grow properly and produce well. The herb garden needs to be watered often but not in excessive amounts. Weeding the herbs and keeping it free from various pests is also very important.

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