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Getting pregnant is easiest when you do the deed just before or during your ovulation this is something we all know. Something that is a little trickier is knowing when you are ovulating. Of course there are ovulation tests to tell you when the Big O has arrived, but what are your body s ways of telling you it is time to get in the sack? There are many subtle signs and symptoms that point to ovulation. Unfortunately, not every woman has them, and not every woman has them every month, but a lot of us have learned how to recognize ovulation with time. Here is a list of some of the potential signs of ovulation.

A slight but stabbing little pain in your ovaries. Some women feel this very obviously, while others only notice it sometimes. I have personally noticed that ovulation pain becomes more obvious while, ehm... baby dancing. But it is different for everyone. Cervical mucus. Right, this is not something that anyone enjoys talking about (unless they are a midwife!) but when your mucus becomes white in color and stretchier than normal, it is a sign of ovulation. What is great about studying your own cervical mucus is that the white and stretchy variety tends to show up a few days before you actually ovulate, thus warning you to get ready to make a baby! Some women swear by checking their own cervix. This is not for everyone, and not so easy, but the position and structure of the cervix changes during ovulation. If you want to know you are ovulating for sure, without charting or buying ovulation tests, I think this is a very reliable way. Light spotting during ovulation is not very common, but for some, it is a sure-fire way to tell they are ovulating. Tender breasts. I always have tender breasts during my ovulation, along with localized facial impurities. Apparently, many women do.

I am sure there are other possible ways to recognize ovulation or impending ovulation. And some women don t have any physical signs of ovulation at all. For them, charting to conceive and doing regular ovulation tests can provide better insights into their cycles. Does anyone else have any good and perhaps unusual signs of ovulation to share? Please feel free to comment!

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