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When it comes to methods to keep track of your fertile days and boosting your chances to conceive, charting your Basal Body Temperature and cervical mucus is the best you can do. Unfortunately, charting to conceive can be a bit intimidating for those who have never done it. Here s how to start tracking BBT and cervical mucus while trying to get pregnant. The method is called charting because, when you keep track of all the changes going on in your body every day, it turns into a chart.

And charting to conceive (or to avoid, for that matter) has never been easier than with today s almost universal access to the internet. There are some great fertility websites that do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is take your temperature and keep note of any other changes in your body, and the chart is automatically created for you. The Basal Body Temperature part is not that hard, and anyone with a decent thermometer can do it. All you have to do is take your temperature at the same time every day. This is very important, because your temperature varies throughout the day, and your chart will not be accurate until your timing is the same on each day. Most women say that taking their temperature while they are still in bed, before they get up for the day, works best for them. After you have taken your own temperature, you will have to enter it into your online charting website. Fertility Friend is the most popular one, but there are some other great sites that do the same thing as well.

So far so good. What s the deal with cervical mucus? Isn't that a bit gross? Do you really need to look at your cervical mucus? The obvious answer is that, if you really don t want to, you should leave the cervical mucus out of the picture. However, because mucus tells you a great deal about your fertility status, giving your online charting service information about your cervical mucus can help you get more accurate results, and thus get pregnant quicker. Please, give it a try before you conclude that tracking cervical mucus is not for you. It is easy, and can really tell you a lot. After you get used to it, looking at your cervical mucus becomes a habit, just like taking your temperature. And before you know it, you ll hopefully be pregnant. The more information you enter into the charting website of your choice, the more likely it is that it will accurately predict your ovulation. Because predicting ovulation, and informing you after you have started ovulating, is what charting to conceive is all about. An increasing number of women is charting to conceive. Why not be one of them?

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