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How Can I Get Pregnant- Truth against Myths?

It is estimated that women who practice unprotected sex and use no contraceptive method at all are at risk of approximately 80-90% to become pregnant. This is the fact and if a woman wants to avoid pregnancy she should be familiar with all the facts regarding proper contraception.

It is essential to break all misconceptions regarding pregnancy. First of all the woman may get pregnant even the first time she has sex. The second thing all couples must know that there is a chance for pregnancy even though a male partner had pulled out his penis from a woman's vagina before he came. Tinny little drops of semen are also rich in spermatozoids able to fertilize an ovum. Many women mistake if they think that they cannot get pregnant during menstrual bleeding. This is so not true.

Women who have recently gave birth to a child may assume that breastfeeding prevents them to get pregnant. False again. Namely, breastfeeding is not a contraceptive method hence it cannot prevent pregnancy.

The positions partners use during intercourse are also ineffective against pregnancy. Women who are prone to douche may think they can protect themselves against pregnancy but they are also wrong. Douching is generally not recommended practice.

So What Contraception Should I use?

Contraception is an individual issue. The person or couples are due to consult a doctor in order to chose the most appropriate contraceptive means. Oral contraceptives are prescribed by a health care provider or a doctor. It is essential to take these pills regularly and according to schedule. Oral contraceptives are a mixture of hormones that prevent ovulation hence prevent pregnancy. Still even if one uses oral contraceptives there is 1% possibility a person will get pregnant. This makes contraceptive pills successful in 99% of all cases. Apart from the pill there are several more contraceptive methods and condoms are only one of them.

What If One had an Unprotected Sexual Intercourse?

Even in case of unprotected sexual intercourse that may lead to pregnancy there is a solution- the emergency contraceptive pill. This is not a substitute for a regular pill but it is only given to women after unprotected sex. The pill is effective if taken within 72 hours after the unprotected sexual intercourse. The emergency pill contains a bit increased doses of estrogen. The effects are better if the pill is taken earlier.

And finally, proper and only successful protection against sexually transmitted diseases is a condom. It is an obligatory form of protection especially for people who have multiple sexual partners.

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