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Normal blood pressure in adults
Here we will provide information on ranges that are considered to represent normal blood pressure. When, a blood pressure is measured, there are two values that are mentioned and the first one marks the systolic pressure, while the second marks diastolic blood pressure. The most desirable blood pressure is 120/80, but normal blood pressure is considered to be 120-129/80-84. Those who have blood pressure 130-139/85-89, belong to the group of those with normal high blood pressure. Individuals whose pressure is higher than the last mentioned, suffer from high blood pressure, known also as hypertension. There are different types of hypertension and they are ranged by how high the measured blood pressure is. Grade one hypertension or mild is when a person's blood pressure is 140-159/90-94, grade two hypertension is characterized by pressure that is 160-179/100-109 and grade three hypertension is when these values are above 180 and 110, which is the most severe form of hypertension. There is also another form of high blood pressure called isolated systolic hypertension and it is characterized by an increased systolic blood pressure, usually above 90 and diastolic is under 140 in these cases.Why is blood pressure important?Measured blood pressure actually refers to the strength that your blood induces on the walls of your arteries and other blood vessels. When this pressure is extremely high, it can cause damages to your organism, particularly to your heart. These damages are slowly induced, but they are severe and can result in stroke, some common types of heart disease and many other serious health conditions. Number one condition that leads to a fatal outcome in the US is heart disease.
What are the main causes of hypertension?
Blood pressure will depend on the thickness of your blood, on its components, on how quickly your heart pumps the blood out and on many other reasons. As the time goes by and as we get older, our blood pressure slowly rises and hypertension can occur and cause medical problems.Today you can treat this problem in two ways. One is to make changes in your lifestyle and the other is to use drugs. Lifestyle changes include weight loss, exercises and avoiding alcohol consumption. It is also important to eat healthy food that has fewer salt and fats, and the diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. Medicines helpful in reducing blood pressure are prescribed by a doctor and there are various types of these drugs.

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