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Canker Sores

Canker sores can cause great suffering if not treated, but iftreated, the problem can be eliminated very quickly andeffectively. We will focus on these sores that can cause great amount of pain.They are red and small sores, with a white film covering in some cases. Thetreatment of this condition is a bit difficult due to the fact that exact causeof this problem is still unknown, but several remedies have proven to be veryeffective in treating canker sores and they eliminate the possibility oftransferring the problem to other people. Maintaining proper dental hygiene,avoiding regular toothpastes and use of mouth rinses are some ways in which youcan prevent the mentioned transfer. The healing can be faster with the use of amixture of water and salt, but the salt is considered to be the key ingredientcausing this desired effect. But remember that cold or hot water can irritatethe sores and inflict additional pain, so never use water of extreme temperatures.Know that salt can cause certain stinging sensation. There are certainsubstances that can make the canker sores even worse and they can be found incertain toothpastes, so you need to be very careful when you are buyingtoothpastes. Commercial toothpastes can have sodium lauryl, which is one of suchsubstances. It can lead to irritation of the mouth. You can get natural andmulti-purpose dental products, which are the safes available. They will bringyour dental hygiene to another level. Dental health is also very important sodo not forget to floss two times during the day. The canker sores will healfaster if food particles are successfully removed from the mouth.


Canker sores can be caused by several reasons, so in order to treat them we needto find and treat the cause of the problem. Great level of acidity in the body,excessive use of antibiotics, end of menstrual cycle, dental work in need ofrepair, allergies, crunchy food, hard food and stress are some of such causes.Canker sores in most cases do not require treatment since they resolve on theirown. Good wellness program can prevent canker sores, so you need to change yourdiet and start to exercises regularly. There are remedies, like mix of salt and warm water, tea tree oil, mix of saltand club soda, plum juice, hydrogen peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, Mylanta(and other antacids) and aloe juice, which you can use to rinse your mouth.Also, yogurt with live cultures can help as well. Tea bag, fresh sorrel herbpiece, papaya, raw onion, dimethyl sulfoxide, baking soda and preservative alumare some remedies that need to be applied on the sores and the healing will befaster. More serious canker sores cannot be treated within two weeks, so if theproblem is still present after two weeks, go and see a professional.

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