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If you compare today’s world with our great grandparents world there seems to be far more stress today than back then. The stresses coupled with our love for junky, fast food can cause a person to binge eat. Binge eating is actually a condition that is referred to as compulsive eating and it basically means that a person has no or very little control over their eating and thus tend to eat much more than they need.

The Characteristics of Binge Eating

There are many characteristics to be aware of for spotting someone who binge eats. Some of them include showing no sign of having control over their eating habits or amount that was eaten. You will notice they can eat a huge amount of food in just one sitting in comparison to the average person. If they are on a binge eating, they will eat at a faster rate than what is considered normal to most. Another sign of a binge eater is that they will continue to eat food until they feel absolutely full up. They will eat a huge amount of food even in the times of day when they are not even hungry. If they are going through an episode of binge eating they more often than not prefer to eat by themselves rather than in company for the reason of embarrassment or in order not to be discovered. They will as well feel quite depressed and quite often disgusted with themselves for eating such a lot.

The Triggers of Binge Eating

Unfortunately these are still today not known. The majority of those who suffer with this condition will also have depression and it can be noticed that if they feel anger, sadness, boredom, and/or anxiety they can go onto binge eating.

The Effects of Binge Eating

Due to the lack of proper nutrition a person who tends to binge eat will often get sick. This is because the binge eater will eat foods that are high in sugar and/or salt. A binge eater will often be depressed about their life. If a person is obese as well as being a binge eater they are probably also going to have or get type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, gallbladder disease, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer. It can affect their lives as they miss work and school on behalf of their binge eating. Binge eaters can become very clever on hiding their condition.

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