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There are different types of eating disorders but binge eating is the one which is the most common of them all. Every person overeats at least on some occasion so it is not that uncommon but binge eating is a medical condition because it involves a regular occurrence which is almost always camouflaged in secrecy. Binge eating can be characterized by a series of symptoms such as feeling depressed, disgusted or upset about the binge eating, frequently eating alone, frequent dieting, anxiety, depression, eating a lot in spite of lack of hunger, feeling of an eating behavior out of control, eating rapidly during binge episodes, eating in spite of fullness and eating large amounts of food.

When to see a doctor

If a person suffers from the symptoms of binge eating, it is highly recommended to pay a visit to the doctor. The condition cannot be treated all by itself and it can only get worse over time if it is left untreated. It is very important to ask help from a mental health provider. If a person has a family member, a friend or a loved one who suffers from binge eating disorder symptoms it is very important to be honest and open about showing the concerns. It is not a good idea to force a person to seek professional help, it is much better to offer the affected person all the support and encouragement he or she can get.

Prevention and Treatment

There are no completely efficient ways of preventing binge eating disorder. Talking about all the negative issues commonly associated with the condition is a good start. There are certain lifestyle changes which can be done in order to get rid of this annoying and embarrassing medical condition. It cannot be treated very easily, and the person suffering from it definitely needs all the help and support from the doctors and the loved ones. Sticking to all the therapy sessions and meal plans is probably the most important part of the treatment. All different types of dieting need to be avoided because they tend to trigger further binge episodes. Eating breakfast is very important because it leads to less high calorie meals during the day. Keeping smaller amounts food than usual is also a very good idea. Getting the right nutrients such as minerals and vitamins is very important so is to become much more physically active.

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