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The Covert Health Problem

Herpes is one of very common diseases affecting many people, especially those who indulge into sexual intercourse with different partners often. However, many people who have genital or oral herpes are not even aware of this fact because, in many cases, herpes displays no symptoms at all. Rather, people with these types of herpes continue infecting other people without even noticing it. Also, there are many occasion where the symptoms of genital herpes are as mild as a rash, being often misinterpreted for something less dangerous. Redness, swelling, itching, burning and blisters, even though looking and feeling like a mosquito bite, may be clear signs of genital herpes.

Women are more affected than men, when it comes to this illness and astounding 80% of cases are not even aware of their illness, let alone diagnosed with genital herpes.

Facts about Genital Herpes

Many social and medical studies have shown that a majority of teenage girls, being sexually active, know nothing about sexually transmitted diseases until they have already ended up with one. Most people know about AIDS, and this is usually where the list ends. There were also studies which have shown that 98% of participants in the test have shown the presence of the herpes virus in their saliva. Most of the participants, however, showed no symptoms nor were they actively affected by herpes.

Moreover, in 98% of cases, herpes is transferred over the skin, through shedding. Once the virus is transferred, it takes about 5 days before any of the symptoms may appear. Therefore, people may have herpes, looking as if they do not, transferring it all around through their skin, saliva, sexual intercourse etc.

Signs of Genital Herpes

Having mentioned all of the previous facts, we can only be sure of one's state, regarding genital herpes, after we have looked into the results of their blood samples and swab results, as well as PCR tests. Blood tests are the most accurate since PCR samples may be delivered late, showing negative results when there is herpes present nevertheless.

Oral herpes or cold sores are also common signs of genital herpes as well. Therefore, take this as a warning sign when it comes to your current or future partner.

Finally, using a condom and other means of protected sex is the best way of isolating yourself, when it comes to genital herpes. Prevention is the best cure, so be careful and make sure you are protected.

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