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Infection Hows

One of the ways herpes uses to transport itself and spread even further, to another person especially, is by contact of the skin-to-skin variety. Also, another way is due to the contact between the mucosal surfaces. The “catch” lies in the fact that when there happens a direct contact between the infected and the healthy skin, what automatically occurs as well is the spreading of the virus and making-itself-at-home activity in the nervous system of the person in question.

When it comes to the nature of the infection, it is often said that the infection itself is carried on “unwittingly”, or in other words, from those persons who are not aware that they have already been infected with the virus, and also from those people who are aware and who have been infected by exposure to the virus shedding in an asymptomatic manner, either by means of genital secretions or by means of saliva. This particular infection, i.e. herpes is in some cases so subtle that even in those moments when the infection is at its peak, it can be fairly difficult to notice and discover it. The direct consequence of this is the most intense spreading of a virus exactly in those periods when people are unaware of its existence and immediate presence. Out of these stated facts and reasons, in many cases the discovering of the infection’s main culprit is hindered and made a lot more difficult than it should be in the first place. The transmission is considered to be even more active and damaging once there occurs a direct contact with a type of a lesion (e.g. genital lesion, a cold sore, etc.) than when there occurs shedding asymptomatic in nature. Out of this reason it is highly recommended to avoid sexual intercourse with a person who has such lesions.

Genital Herpes Numbers – Facts

When it comes to the United States of America and also to the male population, an astonishing number of 50-70% of males is suffering from oral herpes. With the most dangerous period being early childhood and also adolescence. Still, when it comes to infections, then these can befall a person at just about any time in the course of one’s life. Numbers also testify that, on average, no less than one quarter of persons above the age of fifteen suffer from genital herpes, which makes it a total of 45-60 million people just on the US soil.

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