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Hypothyroidism is amedical condition when thyroid makes insufficient thyroid hormone. Andhyperthyroidism is when the thyroid makes too much thyroid hormone. The thyroidgland is a gland in the front of neck. The hormones produced in thyroid glandcontrol energy in the body.

So, low level ofhormones coming from thyroid gland can make a bad effect on entire body. Itcreates sensation of being weak for most. There is a danger if thehypothyroidism is not treated on time: it may increase levels of cholesterolthat for further on may cause stroke or even heart attack. Or perhaps withpregnant women it may cause harm to the unborn.

Anyone may easily havehypothyroidism, but in older age there is a more risk to it and it usuallycomes unnoticed. The biggest risk is with women over 60, or if the condition isinherited from family. The most common inherited hypothyroidism in US is calledHashimoto's thyroiditis, and it is about immune system of body that violatesthyroid tissue. And for that reason gland do not makes sufficient thyroidhormone.

There is also lack ofiodine that may cause hypothyroidism. So adding iodine in food or water isuseful.

Symptoms ofHypothyroidism:

Dry skin and nailsHeavy and irregular periods with womenNot tolerating cold

In case of severehypothyroidism it is necessary to be treated in hospital ASAP. Heavyhypothyroidism may lead to something called my edema coma, which is verydangerous disease.

There are pills to treathypothyroidism of thyroid hormone and these are very useful, and it is verypossible that it is needed to be taken entire life. And it is necessary to takehormones in the prescribed dose because too much or too little may causeproblems.

Testing forhypothyroidism is recommended with:

Pregnant women, People who inherited thyroid problems.

The Causes ofHypothyroidism

1) Congenital hypothyroidism1 baby out of 4,000 gets to be born without normal functioning of thyroidgland.

2) Medicines some drug may dysfunction production of thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism maycause lithium carbonate, and also interferon Alfa and amiodarone.

3) Pituitary gland disorders or hypothalamusthe hypothalamus and pituitary gland generate hormones that control thethyroid.

4) Infectionsall sort of bacterial infections may temporarily get away with thyroid gland,but this is not permanent hypothyroidism.

5) Subclinical hypothyroidism an inadequate treatment of radioactive iodine therapy, hypothyroidism orHashimoto's thyroiditis may cause subclinical hypothyroidism.

6) Excessive iodineDrugs or food but just temporary, may cut down function, of the thyroid gland.

7) PregnancyCauses increased thyroid hormone production and may cause hypothyroidism.

8) Radioactive iodine therapyradioactive iodine therapy may crash thyroid gland and cause hypothyroidism.

9) External beam radiationUsed for cancer treatment, a Hodgkin's lymphoma. The external beam radiationmay destroy thyroid gland.

10) Thyroid surgeryThyroid hormone and over sized thyroid gland makes difficult to swallow,thyroid cancer, or overactive, maybe cancerous thyroid nodules. That is whythyroid gland is removed with thyroid surgery.

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