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The improvement of the not-so-male you

Have you known? You are too fat, too ugly, too repulsive, have no muscles and your penis is about 50% smaller than it should, no, must be. Not to mention that you can't get or maintain a decent erection. But worry not, our magical product will turn you into a Greek god, six-pack, curly hair and all and will give you the penis that will put 90% of male porn stars to shame, and all that in a matter of weeks, of course.

Sounds like your average junk mail, or text transcribed from the label of some of male enhancement products. Yes, male enhancement is all about this. Improve your physique and your sexual performance. And most of that is scam, while most of what remains is fraud. Well, is it? Some herbs, commonly found in these 'male enhancement' products are actually beneficial. Let us see what is there to gain from some of these.

Herbs for male improvement

Ginkgo leaf is known to be beneficial for memory and brain operation. It pulls this stunt by increasing capacity of blood flow through the blood vessels, which means better oxygen supply to the brain. More fuel, more power. Well, it increases blood flow to some other parts of the body as well. More blood in the penis means bigger and harder penis. And you get brains for free. Downside is that people with bleeding disorders will heave even more trouble coagulating if they use ginkgo.

Epimedium leaf, usually known as horny goat leaf (kind of suggestive name) boosts libido in vitality in both men and women. Exact mechanism is still unknown, but since it has been in successful use for a long time, who cares about tech details?

Hawthorn berry is used to treat heart disorders. Improvement in heart function means improvement in blood flow, which means improvement in quality of erections. Downside is that it lowers blood pressure, so people with this condition should avoid it.

Asian ginseng restores energy and is a good treat for premature ejaculation.

Tribulus terrestris increases sex drive by stimulating production of testosterone.

Saw palmett berry is frequently used to treat urological problems, such as enlarged prostate. Prolonged use has been shown to increase sexual function.

Many South American plants are used to increase sexual function. Among these are Catuaba, whose bark extract has been used to revitalize nerves and improve sex function from time immemorial and Muira pauma, whose bark extract has similar properties as that of Catuaba.

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