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Generally, women tend to be healthy, but this knowledge can make them, especially the ones in their twenties and thirties, over confident with a feeling of being untouchable to diseases. Although today, women are a little more knowledgeable about how to look after themselves, they still have a long way to go. A magazine called Cosmopolitan did some research into the young women today and they found out that many of them are being negligent with their health when it comes to their eating habits, sexual habits and general work load and stress levels. Without watching all of these areas with a close eye they may find themselves in a lot of trouble that may not be reversible. Denial is the word of this article. They believe it will never happen to them, a disease, therefore causing situations that wouldn’t happen if they were careful.

The Number One Health Disaster - Stress

Today, stress is a huge thing and can and will affect everyone regardless of their age or gender. If you take into account work life, mobiles, emails, home life, children, cooking etc then it can build up very quickly. Because of all this, young women cannot cope with chaos and they end up with anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and an overload of adrenaline. As a general rule of thumb, women do worry more, think more, than their male counterparts. Help yourself by putting a couple of hours to one side for yourself, turn off the gadgets and cool off, read a book, have a bath, go for a walk, it will really help you.The Number Two Health Disaster – Unhealthy Eating Habits

Around four percent of the population has an eating disorder. However, there is a huge percent of women that have eating disorders that are not reported for example unwholesome, inconsistent food habits that eventually cause all sorts of problems. These problems will consist of nutrient deficiencies, low immune systems and both of these alone can grow into much bigger and far more serious problems. Women get into bad habits because of wanting to look good and/or not having the time to eat.The Number Three Health Disaster - Birth Control Idleness

A horrifying research study was conducted in the year 2008. The results came up to show that women who were eighteen years to forty four years old did not use contraception all the time and out of that figure twenty seven percent didn’t use it correctly anyway.

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