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Constipation among infants can be successfully eliminated with the help of the glycerin suppositories, which involves the use of medications that need to be placed in the rectum area. This will affect the movement of bowels and promote it. There are a number of possible treatment methods for constipation, and glycerin suppositories are one of them. The problem called constipation is associated with the hard passing of the stool or infrequent bowel movement. This hard stool can be removed and the bowel movement can be promoted with the use of glycerin suppositories. Remember that this laxative cannot be taken orally by mouth, but it needs to be placed in the rectum. They are long approximately half and inch and they have a shape of a missile. This medicine then turns to viscous liquid due to the effect of the heat inside the rectum. Due to this, the stool will be made softer and easier to be eliminated. Along with the removal of the stool, the glycerin suppositories will also remove excess water located in the intestines and this will make the fecal material soft.


We will explain how you should use this medication. The first thing you should know is that this needs to be done while lying on the back and never in the standing position. Once the child is in the position, use your fingers and place the suppository inside the rectum. Do this slowly, use gloves and petroleum jelly on the location, which will reduce the pain. Another important thing is to place the suppository with the pointing part first.

Always see a doctor in order to eliminate the possibility of development of certain complications. There are several types of glycerin suppositories, like those for adults and infants. Those for adults are much bigger and they cannot be easily mistaken with those for infants. The level needed for the infants, located in medications for them, is 0.90ml.

Side Effects

Several side effects can occur due to the use of this medication. Normally, the infant will probably cry during the insertion due to the burning pain it will feel in the rectum region. Bleeding may occur if rectum cannot tolerate the medication and a problem like diarrhea can also occur and be present for the next few days.

Only if you have used oral laxatives and increased water intake, and if foods rich in fiber are eliminated from the diet and all these measures have proved unsuccessful, then you can use glycerin suppositories. This type of treatment is a last resort treatment, which should not be done frequently. This treatment is used only if other options have not produced any beneficial effect.

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