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Getting your tubes tied is not as big a procedure as it used to be it is generally over and done with in around 30 minutes by laparoscopy, with a variety of anesthetic options. If you are having a planned cesarean section, for instance because you already gave birth by c-section before, getting your tubes tied right after that is still the easiest way to go about it.

Laparoscopy has really changed the way tubal ligations are carried out. They no longer have to be major surgery unlike a cesarean, which is more traditional surgery, with a big incision. If you are already at the hospital for the major abdominal surgery that a c-section represents, having your tubes tied at the same time will be a logical possibility for you. During a tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes are severed and a small part of the tubes is often removed. After you have delivered your baby by c-section, a tubal ligation will only take up a few minutes extra!

The time from incision to the birth of your baby doesn't take very long, and the tubal ligation will take even less. During a cesarean section, it is the stitching up that really takes most time up to 45 minutes. So, if you really want your tubes tied but was concerned about spending time away from your baby to have it done, this should not worry you. In addition, a tubal ligation right after a c-section "economizes" on recovery time and associated problems. If you have a combined c-section and tubal ligation, you will have no more pain than you would if you just had the cesarean, and your risk of infection and other associated post-operation risks do not increase either. In other words, you kill two birds with one stone! As a parent, multitasking is always a good idea!

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