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Feeding intolerance

Feeding intolerance is a situation when a baby is having some troubles keeping the food down or having problems emptying the stomach. This condition is natural to newborn babies in the first couple of days. If the intolerance does not last, there is no need for worry. However, sometimes this intolerance can be a sign of some serious health issue. For instance, a baby could be suffering from an infection in the bloodstream or some other place. If the intolerance lasts for more than a couple of days or the parents notice a bile-stained vomit, it is needed to take the baby to the hospital. Spitting up

A large number of newborn babies tend to spit up some of the milk or formula right after eating. Some babies do this often while others do it after every meal. A burp usually accompanies the spitting. The spitting will occur a lot less as the baby grows and by the time the baby reaches one year, it should cease. Parents should always keep the baby upright during and right after feeding.

Ways to help the baby

A parent can lessen the amount of spitting by following some simple tips. A parent should try feeding the baby before she becomes frantically hungry. Overfeeding leads to spitting so the parent should feed the baby smaller portions. The nipple of the bottle should also be of the right size. There should be no distractions during feeding and quiet and calmness are recommendable. Tight diapers should be avoided because of the pressure. A parent can also burp the baby a couple of times during the feeding because that will get rid of the excessive air in the stomach.

When to visit the doctor

In most cases, spitting up is harmless. However, if that leads to poor weight, choking or acid damage to the esophagus, the parents should take the baby to the hospital. Some of the symptoms that should be taken seriously when a baby spits up streaks of blood in the spit-up, chokes turns blue, loses weight and even vomits.

A note about sleeping position

Every expert agrees that the best sleeping position for babies is on their back. In this position the baby has the greatest chance of avoiding sudden infant death syndrome. Parents who think that it is not smart to put the baby on the back if she spits up, need to know that there is no worry and that it is safe.

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