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Adult dyslexia test

Adult Dyslexia

Sometimes our brain blocks our ability to divide two numbers, and sometimes we just can`t remember how to write a certain word. These mistakes are usually caused because we got confused, shy, embarrassed or nervous. In many cases, it doesn`t have to be that naïve. There are many adults that are confusing left and right, misspelling words, writing or reading a word incorrectly. These adults are called dyslexic adults. Dyslexia is a person`s disability to be good at directional or visual skills, or just spell, write or read a certain word. Some hormonal or genetic disorders could be a reason why a person is dyslexic, but sometimes, although very rarely, some kind of trauma could also be one of the triggers of it.

Adult Dyslexia Tests

We can determine if a person is dyslexic or not by doing certain dyslexia tests. These tests are evaluating someone`s ability to write, spell or read words. Misspelling the words can be a sign that a person is dyslexic and some of the words dyslexic persons misspell are enough, friend, does and journey. A dyslexic person would usually spell them like enuf, frend, dus, and jerney. Tests can also determine if a person has some problems with directional or visual skills. A lot of dyslexic people are confusing left and right. One more test includes following the instructions and these instructions can be just simple sentences that a person should repeat, and if he/she finds it a bit difficult to do that, than they are dyslexic. Doing basic mathematical operations wrong can indicate that a person is dyslexic, too.

Dyslexic people can have serious problems in an everyday life just because of their dyslexia. For example, they can forget about an important appointment because they mixed up times or dates. Or they can have troubles to pass a certain message to others because of dyslexia. They can also mix up phone numbers or make a mistake in writing a check. Some people with dyslexia turn to a professional such as psychologist. However, visits to psychologists can be very expensive, so others turn to online resources or book tests. But they are not always 100% accurate. You should consult a psychologist before using any of the results of your tests.

Types of Tests

There are many types of tests, but we are going to mention the two most common. The first type of tests is called a comprehensive test. This test is an objective test, meaning that a psychologist that is testing a person usually doesn`t meet him/her in person. He establishes his conclusions according to the results of the test. Comprehensive tests include visual or directional skills, writing, reading, spelling and other abilities. The second type of tests is called screening tests and these tests don`t actually determine if a person is dyslexic, but guide them to other more specific tests if necessary. Screening tests are usually done in groups and they indicate disorders such as delayed development, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or dyslexia.

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