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Dyslexia is a condition mainly affecting children. This disorder manifests through one’s inability to read and write properly due to troubles regarding identification of certain letters with their sounds. This is a very common learning disability, affecting many children around the world. Nevertheless, there are means of treating dyslexia, but early diagnosis and treatment are necessary for success.

Thus, both teachers and parents need to know what the symptoms of dyslexia are, in order to notice this problem early and help the child by seeking proper professional help. Fortunately, there are online tests for dyslexia available today, by which a child can be evaluated and diagnosed with dyslexia, if he/she truly suffers from this disorder.

Reasons behind Dyslexia

Researches show that this condition is caused by abnormal brain functioning. Therefore, a child may be genetically susceptible to dyslexia. A certain part of our cerebral cortex should develop with age. However, with dyslexic children, this development fails to take place. Moreover, if dyslexia is neglected and left untreated in early childhood, it advances throughout a person’s life, following one throughout adolescence or even adulthood.

Even though dyslexic children can be affected by this phenomenon in different ways, they are bound to stay behind other children when it comes to advancement in school. Main signs of dyslexia are reading and writing problems as well as issues regarding visual perception of letters and symbols. So, children with dyslexia tend to mispronounce letters and symbols, have trouble with spelling and handwriting, skip words during writing, follow instructions badly etc.

Unfortunately, dyslexic children are commonly bullied and labeled unintelligent, leading to development of many behavioral problems later on due to lack of self-esteem. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment are necessary to take place as soon as possible.

Noticing and Treating Dyslexia

Whenever a child experiences some of the above mentioned symptoms, he/she should do an online dyslexia test. If the test happens to be positive, confirming dyslexia, you need to consult a child psychologist who will take further action. Furthermore, adults can be tested for dyslexia too. Most of these online tests are designed by professional psychologists and academic instructors, being genuine and trustworthy.

In order to take a dyslexia test online, you need to pay around $50 beforehand. Once this is done, the testing starts, focusing on your reading, comprehension, spelling, sense of direction and sequencing skills. The whole test lasts for around an hour. After the process, you will receive an assessment paper, being the results of the test.

All in all, these tests can help in diagnosis. However, when it comes to treatment, you need to take the child to the psychologist as soon as possible. When provided with proper treatment timely, dyslexic children can learn to cope with dyslexia optimally.

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