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Family health benefits are designed to help families in need, covering some of the costs of health services of the children who meet the requirements. These benefits are administered by the Saskatchewan Health, being there to deal with all the financial problems families may have, due to their lower income which makes it impossible to provide these necessities.

Requirements for Receiving Family Health Benefits

Basically, in order for a family to be eligible, it must have at least a single member who is under the age of 18, living with his/her parents or caretakers. All of the family members need to possess the Saskatchewan Health Services Card, which needs to be valid. This eligibility is controlled by the Ministry of Social services, along with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Basically, when you apply for family health benefits, the number of children in your household will be taken into consideration, along with the yearly income of the entire family. Additionally, your tax return for the previous year is crucial.

Once a family receives family health benefits of this type, it will be granted a monthly child allowance provided by the National Child Benefit Supplement. However, this does not have to be the case exclusively, since, sometimes, the benefits are provided through the Saskatchewan Employment Supplement.

Once a family is granted these benefits, family members' names must be enlisted to Saskatchewan Health. Also, the information about their coverage is stored in the Health Registration System.

Statistical Information about Family Health Benefits

According to last year's reports, up to 3 children received about $29,291, while up to 10 children got additional $1,392 for every additional child. Moreover, 11 to 15 children received up to $51,313.

Every modification in the Health Benefits, taking place after a new child was born or some other similar matters have taken place, needs to be granted by the Saskatchewan Health. This coverage is not returned once received and is put to action from August 1st to July 31st.

When children become older than 18, their families move to another province, their family or their income changes their eligibility is questioned again.

Finally, the benefits cover dental care, including X-rays, cleaning and fluoride, silver fillings, space maintainers, sealants and extractions. Eye care and prescription drugs are also covered, but the levels of coverage depend on the health care provided.

Additionally, emergency ambulance is provided for those with Family Health Benefits, along with up to 12 chiropractic services annually.

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