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A face-lift is a quite normal procedure today, with quite a simple role. It is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and the people of today use it to trick the time. Your face may look younger and that is what everyone wants to achieve. However, everything has its price. When mentioned, the term ‘face-lift’ for the majority of people means a younger and better look. Yet, there are certain facts that have to be taken into consideration before deciding to take this step.
Swelling and bruising
Well, you may experience very little swelling, but on the other hand, you may be so swollen that you can hardly recognize yourself in the mirror. Do not panic. It is quite normal in the first couple of days after the surgery to experience this. Your skin is simply healing itself. It will take about 3 days for this process to be completed, but in the mean time, you can help yourself by using cold pack that can relieve your discomfort. It is important to avoid direct contact to your face, because it can become numb or you could even get freezer burns.
During this period of recovery, your bruises will change color from red to blue, from purple to green, until they completely disappear. If you notice an area of firmness in the cheek or under the chin from a pocket of swelling, do not worry, it will go away. However, if it starts to get purple or if it becomes larger, consult your doctor just to be sure it is not a hematoma (blood collecting under the skin). There are various medications, including herbal, but before taking them, again, check with your doctor.
Bruises and swelling will completely disappear in 1-2 weeks, while some 4-6 weeks may pass until you have the full perspective of your new look, although a persistent swelling may sometimes last for even a whole month. Simply, be patient and regularly consult your doctor.
Stitches and scarring
Some stitches will be removed after 5 days (stitches by your ear). Some, like those in hair will stay longer, while some such as those on scalp will be kept 10-14 days. It will take about 2 weeks for them to heal.
Nerve sensation
Your cheeks will be irritated and numb from the procedure and gradually, as this numbness starts to disappear, you will feel a certain degree of discomfort. It will be resolved over time. You may also feel sensations such as itching, shooting pain or shock, which is quite normal and can be treated with Aspirin. Of course, before taking any medication, check with your doctor.
Pain and discomfort
Recovering from face-lift is usually not very painful, but it can be very discomforting. As the swellings disappear, the feeling of tightness behind your ears will also dissipate. If, however, you have significant pain, or you feel the pain is out of proportion from what you’ve expected, call your doctor.
It will take some time to recover from a face-lift. It is important that someone takes care of you in the first few days. Do not panic and be sure to follow the instructions your doctor gave you. Do not take any medications before consulting your doctor. Everything else is simply a matter of time.

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