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Despite the fact that c-sections are the most common type of surgery in the United States today, cesareans still constitute major abdominal surgery. The experience of having a c-section can be tough; particularly if it happens unexpectedly, as part of a medical emergency.

How can women prepare for a better c-section experience, whether they already know they will have a planned c-section, or they are planning "just in case"? The best approach when you are having a planned cesarean is to talk everything over with your OB.

You may be interested in a family centered cesarean section, which you can read more about by clicking on the link, or you may have other preferences. Every patient feels better when they respected some prefer to have as much information about the procedure every step of the way, and to see what is going on.

Others are scared of blood and medical things in general, and actually like the thought of "being kept in the dark" better. Whatever applies to you, your experience will definitely be better if you discuss in before the big day. The same goes for preferences relating to your baby, like rooming in and where newborn tests and exams are carried out.

Do keep in mind that you may be feeling weak and groggy, and be in pain, following your c-section. If you are contemplating preferences for a theoretical emergency c-section, the best way to convey them effectively to medical staff is in the form of a birth plan, as well as discussions with your OB. In emergencies, your preferences may totally go out the window to instead focus on keeping everyone healthy and alive, and it is good to be aware of that in advance.

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