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Whenever you are suffering from some serious disease like cancer, your body shows certain symptoms even in the earliest stages of the disease. Thus, symptoms of such diseases are not to be ignored. Rather, you should listen to your body carefully and react timely by seeking medical attention. Women are prone to developing gynecologic cancers and, therefore, they should be very careful about their health, noticing any negative changes on time.

Early Signs of Gynecological Cancer

Note that the symptoms mentioned below may not be directly related to cancer. Nevertheless, you should have your body checked medically in case any of these symptoms are present.

First of all, pelvic pain is always a cause for concern. It manifests through aches and pressure sensation appearing below the navel. Naturally, this symptom may appear during premenstrual period. However, if the pain remains persistent, it can be a sign of ovarian, cervical, fallopian tube or vaginal cancer.

Secondly, bloating and swelling of the abdomen are additional grim signs, especially when it comes to danger of suffering from ovarian cancer. Sudden bloating is even more serious pointing to a rapid growth of the tumor. If you happen to experience this, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Thirdly, pain in the lower back, resembling labor pain, can also be a possible sign of ovarian cancer as well as advanced stages of other gynecological cancers.

Other Signs of Gynecologic Cancer

If a woman experiences vaginal bleeding during sexual intercourse or suffers from excessive bleeding during periods, she might be suffering from cervical or uterine cancer. Additionally, any fever lasting for longer than a week may be manifestations of an underlying cancer.

Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, blood in the stool, gas, thinner stools or any abnormalities regarding bowel movement are all potential causes for alarm. Thus, do not ignore these and seek timely medical opinion.

Excessive weight loss is yet another sign of a serious underlying condition, especially if you have maintained your regular eating habits. So, losing more than 10 pounds over a single month should be something you need to inform your health provider about.

Finally, appearance of blisters, sores, discolorations or discharge in the vulvar or vaginal area are common for initial and sometimes later stages of vulvar and vaginal cancer.

Thus, there are many different signs of cancer potentially affecting women, so be on the lookout and do not ignore them. Early detection of cancer is essential for complete eradication of the disease or at least better outcome.

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