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There is almost not a single person in the world that does not know what cancer is or has never heard of it. Everybody knows that cancer is a life-threatening disease and that it is far better if the signs of it are spotted in its earliest stages in order for a person to have more chance of fighting it. There are various types of cancer and some are more likely to occur in men, while others are more likely to be seen in women.

Preventive Care

Every doctor will tell a patient that it is far better to prevent an illness than it is to treat it. The same goes for cancer and even though there is no sure way of preventing it, there are ways a person can reduce the risk of developing one. It is important that people learn as much as they can about the potential signs of cancer. Going to the doctor as soon as they occur is essential in order for the person to have more chances of treating it. Unlike women, men are lot less likely to go to the hospital. It is not uncommon for men to actually be pushed and persuaded by women to go to the hospital and get screened for cancer. However, they need to understand that this is wrong and by going to routine screenings in order for cancer and some other diseases to be discovered in their early stages is of crucial importance to their future life. Finding the cancer in its early stages allows the doctors to use treatments more efficiently in order to cure it.

Alarm Signs: Pain, Fever and Weight Loss

Getting to know the signs of cancer is significant and men should do it because it betters the chance of beating the cancer. There are some signs of cancer which are specific to men. These signs are known to be seen in certain parts of the body and are able to make the diagnosis easier for the doctors because they point directly to the presence of cancer. On the other hand, there are signs that are not that reliable. One such sign is pain and people know that pain can be a symptom of various different ailments.

However, pain is considered to be one of the cancer symptoms and a person should not rule out the possibility of cancer without consulting the doctor first. Pain is quite common among people as they get older and is considered to be a normal life process. However, pain can be an early sign of cancer even though in most cases it is not.

Brief episodes of pain are usually neglected by people which is normal. However, if the pain does not go away, people should have it checked. The doctor will decide when he or she examines the patient and looks at his or her history whether there is need for further testing. Even though pain is not the most common sign of cancer, a person will not waste time by going to the hospital because the actual cause of the pain will be identified and a person will be able to treat it properly. It is important that men do not neglect pain.

Fever is another sign of cancer, especially if it occurs all of a sudden and without a proper reason. However, most people are aware that fever is also a sign of various other ailments such as pneumonia for instance. Unexplained fever should not be neglected because even if it is not cancer it was pointing to there are other serious illnesses which are possible.

Almost all cancer types are known to cause fever at some point and people should not forget that. In most cases fever occurs when the cancer has spread and invaded another part of the body. Blood cancers like leukemia, for instance are known to cause unexplained fever as well.

Unexplained and sudden weight loss is one of the more sure signs of cancer in men. Every person knows just how hard it is to lose weight and that is why an individual who loses weight without trying should be slightly worried. According to experts, people who lose more than 10% of their total weight in the half-year period should go to the hospital and find out the underlying reason. The doctor will decide whether further testing is needed after performing a physical exam and asking the patient about the diet and exercise he has followed. Other symptoms will be discussed too. Relevant Statistical Data

According to the available data, three of the most common cancer types among men in the United States are prostate cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer. However, this is not the order of cancer deaths among men in the United States. Lung cancer is in the first place, followed by prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and liver cancer.

The most important thing is that men go on regular routine check-ups and do not avoid any of the possible cancer symptoms.

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