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Undesirable and stressful

Inability to conceive is certainly something that causes quite a great concern in couples, especially those who have been married for shorter period of time – one to three years, for example. This does not only cause uneasiness, but it also has the tendency to lead one into that unwanted realm of disappointment. And this even becomes a considerable burden to the couple in question if they share the same opinion that this problem is the one that has befallen only them and nobody else. Therefore, it is extremely important and vital to discard such thoughts for quite a substantial number of couples too have issues with infertility as such. So, the sooner a couple realizes this, the better the chances of facing this problematic condition with vigor and proper attitude.

Statistics and data

When it comes to the soil of the United States of America, it has been recorded that a staggering seven million women nationwide, teenage girls included, are going to have to confront with this issue at one point in their lives. On the one hand, certain percentage of the aforementioned members of the female population are actually aware of this but still alarmed, whereas the rest are yet to reach this stage later on. Despite the fact that many of them will actually be able to conceive, unfortunately, there is an extremely increased risk of them not being able to deliver the baby in a safe manner.

Thus those couples who face this issue and possible complications have the tendency to spend quite handsome amount of money in order to conceive, and once this is accomplished, there is not a single thing that makes them more ecstatic and joyous. This is primarily the reason why a great number of couples decide quite early in their marriage to opt for such infertility-treatment method. Coming back to numbers, it is official that 12% of women in the United States of America (15 to 44 years of age) do face the problem of infertility. Furthermore, 6% have already been advised on those most effective options that have a high success rate when it comes to treating infertility. On the other hand, 5.5% are able to undergo a treatment therapy that will “remedy” their infertility, and less than one percent are treated by way of artificial insemination.

Fertility treatments as such are known to be quite beneficial and effective, but one thing all couples should be aware of is that effectiveness tends to decrease as the years go by and suffers a reduction to 22% for those women who are in their 39s, and 10% for those in their 40s.

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