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Earliest Detection of Pregnancy

The first days of pregnancy can be an edgy and difficult time for the ladies. Many of them are expecting the obvious signs of pregnancy, whilst possibly lacking them and getting others instead and end up worrying their heads off.

And this is exactly what this article deals with...

The thing is: the symptoms do not only vary from woman to woman, they may also be different for each single pregnancy; and these symptoms include: tender breasts, nausea, fatigue and cramping.

But the most reliable sign of all is the lack of a menstrual period. Some ladies may figure that it is late, whilst others immediately grab a pregnancy test.

In actuality, one can never be sure until the rest of the above mentioned signs start kicking in, and they usually last all the way until the third trimester – that is to say: the second three-month phase of pregnancy.

How do pregnancy tests work?

A pregnancy test is like a hCG (human Chorionic gonadotropin) hormone detector. The hormone makes itself significantly apparent when pregnancy has started, and should resume increasing as the pregnancy advances. The pregnancy test in turn detects the difference in quantity of the very hormone.

Home Urine Pregnancy Test

The home urine pregnancy test is the oldest pregnancy test still in use. It comes with a kit that is easy to use, and is a fairly reliable way of finding out. The test consists of adding a few drops of urine onto the device and the test will shortly detect the presence of the relevant hormones. It is highly advised to take this test first thing in the morning, but if that's not possible then avoiding urination for several hours and then taking the test will do, too. If taken properly, the home pregnancy test is up to 97% accurate, which explains why it is still in use.

Blood Pregnancy Test

the blood pregnancy test, also known as the "Bega HCG" test, is known to show results eight to twelve days upon conception, so in that fashion it is an excellent resort to detecting pregnancy at a very early stage. It is also suitable for women with health problems such as epilepsy or diabetes, as it can help them know as early as possible so that they may prevent any health complications.

To Conclude

Despite all the pregnancy signs, one can never really be sure until a pregnancy test is taken, and sometimes several times over.

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