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Unfortunately, the greatest majority of cases of children dyslexia is not determined or noticed until the child in question reaches the school age, where he/she starts having quite a lot of difficulties with such activities as reading, spelling, as well as maths and alike. Otherwise appearing quite ordinary and without any developmental irregularities, a child with dyslexia slowly and gradually starts experiencing enhanced anxiety when it comes to school and activities done there. This can ultimately even lead to a child's complete refusal to attend school. As a direct consequence, the child in question begins experiencing all to often bouts of frustration and failure to comprehend the causes and the nature of learning skill related complications, which are not experienced or display by his/her classmates.

Testing specifics

There is quite a number of testing methods and tests devised, which aid and simplify the entire process of determining as to whether a child has dyslexia or not. One of such testing and assessment method is specially devised for children aged 7 to 16, and offers quite legible and accurate assessment at the comfort of a child's home. The entire testing procedure represents the end result of research findings coming from three distinct and distinguished universities, offering an extremely effective and precise tool for determining dyslexia presence.

The tests in question are based on the measurement of various distinct dyslexia indicators. Once the results have been acquired, they go through evaluation process, performed by experts on this matter. The moment this is completed, the entire assessment report is sent back to the family in question, giving a detailed account of all the findings and conclusion reached by the aforementioned experts. Aside from the clearly indicated results, the report also includes advice and recommendations on further steps that need to be taken by parents, in order for their child to be able to conquer this unpleasant obstacle as soon as possible and once and for all.

The test constituents revealed

This test is 'comprised' of a booklet accompanied by an audiotape. It is extremely important that the child is not familiarized with the contents of the test pack prior to performing any of the indicated and designated activities. In addition, parents should listen to the above referred to tape, but only when their child is not around. The booklet has a short, easy-to-give test which is completed in a matter of a few minutes. Other parts include reading and spelling tests, which are aimed at measuring the child's achievement in comparison to his/her age group, as well as intelligence measurement necessary for the establishment of the presence of a discrepancy between the child's intelligence and overall achievement. Last but not the least, every dyslexia indicator is examined by way of a short test and a questionnaire that also points out to the potential attention deficit or delayed learning.

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