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Nowadays, there are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from dyslexia. Those near them know that it is a learning disorder but a lot of people have no idea what dyslexia is. This disorder is mainly characterized by problems in reading and spelling. In some cases, the mathematical ability of certain people might be affected. There are other causes that might cause certain difficulties for people when they read but dyslexia is a separate problem and is distinct from all of them. Only in the United States some 17% of the population suffers from this disorder. A lot of people believe that dyslexia is incurable and sometimes lose all hope for recovery but they need to know that are ways a person can get over his or her dyslexia problem. Symptoms

There is a dyslexia test that is designed to determine whether a person suffers from this disorder or not. This test is good because it discovers the symptoms in their early stages. When the symptoms are discovered in the early stages, the parents and professionals will have an easier task in determining the proper treatment plan. A lot of parents and care givers blame themselves for any problems a child might be experiencing with reading or mathematics even before school time. Such parents and care givers need to realize that the child might be suffering from a certain type of dyslexia and that it is not their fault. Troubles with oral communication may lead to certain problems with reading, math and even hearing and observing instructions. These oral problems in some cases point to dyslexia. In such cases it is essential that a child undergoes a dyslexia test so that the problem can be treated once it is discovered.

A lot of parents make a mistake when they ignore slight speech delays. However, these slight speech communication delays can be an advance warning sign of dyslexia. Stammering and cluttering should be obvious signs for the parents to have their child do a dyslexia test.

If a child is having problems with clear verbalizing, that can also be a sign of dyslexia as well. In these cases the speech sounds of multisyllabic words are often mixed up. In some cases a child will have problems articulating letters such as L’s, M’s, N’s and R’s. A lot of people who suffer from dyslexia will benefit the most from oral communication therapy. Some other symptoms of dyslexia are mental confusion of terms like on and off or left and right and learning the alphabet or word recovery.

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