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FLU, Our Old Enemy

Influenza, aka " flu" is a virus that has been around for quite a long time. This virus causes one to feel sore in his/her muscles, to develop fevers, cough, headaches and general discomfort. This virus may be present in birds and other mammals as well. When it becomes more severe, flu can lead to the development of pneumonia or vomiting, especially with children and older people. Thus, even though it can be easily treated, it is best not to take this virus for granted.

Facts about Flu

Flu virus can be contracted through various sources. Namely, you might get infected by getting in contact with a person who sneezes the virus on you. Also, since the virus can be found in bird feces, saliva, blood and nasal discharge of the infected as well, there are many different ways of getting in contact with it, whenever you are physically exposed to any of these sources. Mostly, by breathing in virus contaminated air, you're able to contract the flu which makes you ill after a short period of incubation. Luckily, detergents, disinfectants and sunlight are all capable of keeping this virus at bay. Due to the latter mentioned fact, flu is mostly connected with darker times of the year, like winter and autumn. Rarely, people get this virus from animals. Then, the virus itself is much stronger, spreading faster and reaching states of pandemic proportions, causing many people to die due to the exposure to these evolved types of flu.

Once a person gets infected with this virus, it takes two days for the signs to appear. These are chills and fever. However, some individuals may become bedridden once the virus starts to affect their bodies, especially if their immune system is weaker. One's joints and muscles may hurt, headaches might take places and eye and respiratory irritations are bound to appear as well.

Amazingly, even though some people fight flu off quite easily, through several days in bed, it takes many lives every year, mainly of old people and children, as well as those with immunity deficiencies. With them, this virus can evolve into other, more serous diseases, eventually becoming deadly.

Finally, flu has its price too since many companies spend money once their workers are sick and the governments invest more into the medical programs and necessities for treating the sick each year, once an epidemic is on the rise. All in all, flu can be dangerous, and this is a fact not to be forgotten.

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