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Are you pregnant for the first time? First of all, congratulations! Pregnancy is quite an amazing time a time in which the way in which you see your body changes forever, and a time during which you will experience sensations that are unlike anything else! Most women agree that one of the most magical things about pregnancy is feeling your baby kick for the first time. Feeling your unborn baby move inside you gives you the chance to really bond. I bet you can't wait! So, when can women normally start feeling their baby kick in utero?

A fetus starts moving its limbs as soon as it becomes able to do so, and ultrasounds can detect a fetus kick and move its hands as early as eight weeks into a pregnancy. Because the fetus is so tiny at this point, and your uterus has not expanded yet, you are very unlikely to be able to feel your baby move at this time though, especially as a first time mom. With each subsequent pregnancy, the chances that you will feel your baby earlier on increase. Most women who are pregnant for the first time say that they can start feeling their baby any time between 16 and 22 weeks. Some women can feel their babies earlier than that. Others feel something, but are not sure if it is their baby, or an unfortunate food choice from the day before rumbling inside. At first, the movements you will be so faint that you can hardly detect them. Many women describe these early movements as "butterflies" or feathers stroking them.

As time goes on, there will be no mistake about it those will be hands and feet dancing around inside your abdomen, kicking your ribcage, or leaning on your bladder. Other people will also soon be able to feel your baby from the outside, which is a great thing for dads to be and others! If you are among the unlucky women who have an anterior placenta (as I did with my son!) you will not feel your baby until much later, because the placenta is acting as a shock-absorber if you like, and you won't feel a thing. There is nothing wrong with an anterior placenta, but it does mean that feeling your baby move might have to wait until they are on the outside.

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