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Spinal stenosis and protrusion of spinal discs both may cause serious compression to the spine and its structures such as spinal nerves and be responsible for many neurological deficits. These conditions require prompt confirmation and adequate treatment.General Info

Lower back pain is a concern of many people around the world. If it is severe enough or lasts for a long period of time. Lower back pain can significantly interfere even in routine and simple every day activities. Pain is initially mild (although sudden disc protrusion may cause sudden, intensive and unbearable pain) and tolerable, and it gradually intensifies.

It is estimated that lower back pain affects millions of people in the United States and is responsible for billions of dollars worth of medical expenditures per year. Fortunately, such individuals can benefit from a variety of treatment options and can, with suitable approach, soon feel satisfying pain relieve.

Diagnosing Lumbar Disc Protrusion and Spinal Stenosis

Physicians routinely investigate patient's medical history, perform physical exam as well as neurological examination. They look into patient's symptoms and complain thoroughly. These can be of great help in setting differential diagnosis while definitive confirmation can be achieved only after the patient undergoes certain imaging studies including X-ray, CT scan and MRI of the spine. These provide with all the necessary data regarding damage to spinal structures and the underlying condition.

Treatment Options

Both, spinal disc protrusion and spinal stenosis have different treatment approaches available. Treatments are either conservative or surgical. Doctors initially recommend conservative treatments such as medications, physical therapy while surgical correction remains as the last resort and is only reserved for patients whose pain cannot be controlled in any other way.

Patients are due to follow doctor's orders and apart from engaging in the very treatment they need to abstain from all the activities which can cause additional damage to the already affected structures and may induce further complications.Back Pain Support and Pain Relief

Patients who deal with back pain (no matter where it is localized) on a daily bases can significantly benefit from back braces. Back braces are utilized in order to prevent moving of certain parts of the back, this way promote healing and help patients not to develop additional complications. By doing so back braces efficiently reduce pain, hence patients may sometimes quit taking pain relieving medications. It is well known fact that prolonged intake of pain killers may have many side effects. Even after a person has recovered and does not feel back pain any more, he/she may occasionally wear a back brace in order to maintain proper posture which is essential for further prevention of back pain recurrence.

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