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The frustration of not being able to get pregnant is overwhelming it takes over your whole life and when you realize that the state is cutting back on your coverage the frustration only gets worst. Financial frustration... In July 2010, all employees who have health insurance though the state will be required to pay for 1 fourth of the bill. The new regulations are aiming at all infertility-related medical services and all infertility-related prescription medications. The new health plan caps $25.000, which is drop for $5.000 comparing to $30.000 available up till July. New state health plan will cap lifetime infertility services at $10,000 for medical care and for medicine $15,000.

American Society of Reproductive Medicine reports that one cycle of IVF can annually average $12,500. There are many people who use health insurance for infertility reasons, because the infertility treatments are really too expensive. Many people had hoped that the word of cutbacks was just a rumor, but the word is out officially the cutbacks start in July. Delaware State Employee Benefits Committee made the decision because they are the ones who manage the state's projected $570 million self-funded insurance plan for fiscal 2011, beginning July 1. This insurance plan covers more than 110.000 state employees, retirees and their dependents, and all other participants that belong to the state plan. She also pointed out that there are states in US that do not offer benefits for infertility services

The director of the state Office of Management and Budget Ann Visalli claims that with the cutback the state will save about $625,000, and that the cutback will affect only 150 people only However, the doctor who runs infertility practice in Delaware claims there are more than 150 patients whose health insurance is covered by the state. The cutback will definitely cause additional frustration of not being able to have a child and additional frustration of state not being supportive about infertility treatments. high prices of IVF will definitely cost additional financial stress and stress lowers the IVF success.. is that right?

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