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Every doctors will say that when a person comes down with flu, he or she absolutely needs to stay at home, in bed, drinking soup and tea and taking it easy. Of course, that is rarely possible. Many people cannot afford a sick day even when they feel really bad. In addition, there are many commitments that a person just cannot break, which means that those signs of flu or cold, like red nose and puffy eyes, need to be covered.

Those who can afford a professional stylist or a make-up artist are the lucky ones, because with proper make-up every blemish on the face can be covered. That does not mean that the others should go around with apparent signs of flu on their face, because there are many easy and cheap tricks that can cover them up.

How to cover up flu symptoms

Red, runny nose is a classic telltale sign of flu and cold. Constant sneezing, wiping and blowing irritates the skin of the nose, making it red, swollen and possibly with cracks in it. This can be avoided by using extra-soft tissues soaked in protective lotion. These tissues will not irritate the skin of the nose like the regular ones. It also helps to apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline several times a day during a cold or a flu. If the skin is already damaged, some mild Hydrocortisone cream can be used to heal it.

These remedies will prevent or treat red and irritated nose, but they will not hide it. For that purpose, it is recommended to use a highly pigmented concealer, but only after putting on some moisturizer or Vaseline as a foundation.

As for the eyes, they tend to be swollen, puffy and blood-shot during illnesses like flu and cold. It helps a lot to lay down on the bed and to place two cold wet teabags on the eyes. Another possibility is to use eye drops with anti-allergic properties to reduce the redness and itching.

Dry and cracked lips need to be treated with a good quality lip balm with soothing effects. It is important to apply it throughout the day, not just when the lips feel dry. A vibrant shade of lip gloss will make the face look less tortured and sick and it will not cake in on the lips.

When it comes to make-up, it is very important to moisturize the skin before applying any make-up product. Also, the foundation should be powdered, not liquid, and preferably mineral. Eye make-up, like eye shadow, should be in soft, warm tones of brown and gray, nothing cold like blue or purple.

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