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What are the symptoms of corpus luteum cyst?

Corpus luteum cyst is a type of ovarian cyst that commonlyoccurs in women in the period when the menstrual cycle ends and after an egg hasbeen released from a follicle, which then becomes a gland known as corpusluteum. It usually breaks down and disappears if the pregnancy does not occur,but it is also possible that it fills with blood or other fluids and grows intoa cyst. This cyst is round, it forms on only one side, but its size may vary. Thiscyst is usually not a threat to the health of a woman, and it practically does notcause any symptoms unless it grows too much. Under such circumstances, it maybegin to bleed into itself; it may cause the twisting of the ovary, or pelvicor abdominal pain. In cases when the ovary is twisted because of this cyst, it ispossible that the blood supply is cut, which will cause pain and nausea inevitably.However, these situations are extremely rare.

It is not impossible that these cysts appear in pregnancy,but even if this happens, there is nothing to worry about. The cysts have thetendency to form in the early pregnancy and they also tend to disappear on their own until the second trimester. The cases in which they cause complication areextremely rare. However, if a person experiences pain or bleeding whenpregnant, it is important to see the doctor as soon as possible to determinethe cause and see if the rupture of corpus luteum cyst may have caused thesymptoms in question.

Why does it occur and can it be treated?

As it has already been said, corpus luteum cysts are nothingelse but a corpus luteum that has grown in excess due to the accumulation ofthe blood and fluids. Corpus luteum tends to form at the end of the menstrualcycle and it produces estrogen and progesterone once the egg has been releasedby the follicles. It usually breaks down if there is no pregnancy, butsometimes it happens that it simply seals. Regarding the treatment, it is only necessary in some caseswhen severe pain and bleeding are present. It is possible to prevent the occurrenceof these cysts, or at least to reduce the risk or their occurrence, and birthcontrol pills are said to be rather effective in this, because these pillsprevent the ovulation.

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