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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of almost every woman. The period of nine month brings much joy to a pregnant woman regarding the thought that a new life is in the inside of her. Nevertheless, this is also a period when many changes occur in her body, but also with her psychological state due to the change in the hormone levels.

Every woman has to face many unpleasant things during this period, such as morning sickness, nausea, vomiting and headaches, as well as constipation, gas and many other discomforts. One of the most common symptoms that occurs during pregnancy is heart palpitations. Heart palpitation is a condition marked by the strong or abnormally rapid heart beating.

Causes of heart palpitations during pregnancy

Heart palpitations that occur during pregnancy may be induced by various reasons, such as mental stress, excessive caffeine consuming and physical stress, as well as anemia, magnesium deficiency and side effects of certain drugs. Since the pregnancy can be very stressful for a woman, the blood pressure increases during this period and increased blood pressure leads to the appearance of heart palpitations.

Caffeine should be used in low amounts during pregnancy, since it can cause symptoms that are very much the same as those of an anxiety attack. If a pregnant woman drinks too much tea or coffee, it can cause heart palpitations. Dizziness and heart palpitations during nine months of pregnancy may be also caused by the excessive physical activity. It is recommended for every pregnant woman to regularly exercise, but only moderately.

Anemia is also one of the possible causes for the occurrence of this condition in pregnancy. It is a condition marked by the hemoglobin deficiency. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, and iron is very important for the producing of hemoglobin. Since the amount of blood increases during the pregnancy, the amounts of iron should also be increased. When there is iron deficiency, there is also hemoglobin deficiency and heart palpitations may occur. When a pregnant woman takes certain medicines as a treatment for some condition, heart palpitations may occur as the side effect of that medicine. Furthermore, this condition may also appear due to magnesium deficiency in the body of the pregnant woman.

Treatment of heart palpitations during pregnancy

To treat heart palpitation in pregnancy, it is necessary only to eliminate the cause. Thus, relaxing and resting, massages, and yoga, as well as taking iron, magnesium and vitamin C supplements, and avoiding caffeine are some of the recommendations how to treat this condition.

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