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Many people throughout the world suffer from constipation. They hardly ever mention or discuss it with others as they feel embarrassed. All they want is some form of a quick solution that provides a gentle relief from what is an uncomfortable feeling. In the process, drug companies now generate billions of dollars each year on providing this relief to sufferers. What a lot of people do not know is that back pain no matter how minor it is, is associated with constipation. If you visit your doctor to resolve your constipation one of the first questions he or she may ask you is if you are you suffering from any back pain.

What is Constipation?

Ever had a sore back from jerking a heavy suitcase off the ground, or felt you strained your back from lifting something, well believe it or not, any of these types of activities that hurt the back can lead to constipation. Why you may ask, by hurting your back it causes it to go into spasm that can interfere with certain nerves that control your bowl movements. However, this is not the only cause, a bad diet, not drinking enough water on a daily basis, not consuming the right quantities of fruit and vegetables each day all contribute to the body not functioning properly. Lack of physical exercise will cause the abdominal muscles to slow down and not function as they should. Certain prescribed medications can result in side effects that cause constipation, for example, pain killers, iron supplements and anti depressants to highlight a few. You can discuss with your doctor what other medications may result in constipation. Don’t rush out to the local pharmacy and buy stimulant laxatives as this type of relief can damage your colon on a permanent basis. Speak with your doctor first.

Bowel Movements

There are no set levels to constipation. It may just be a mild case that will clear itself up in a few days. Or, it could be something more serious or even a complete blockage. In these conditions it may be days between bowl movements and when you do go the stool has dried up inside of you, so you must strain as hard as you can to clear it out and this leads to even worse back pains. Straining over a long period of time can cause minor blood vessels in the anal tube to burst which leads to hemorrhoids. If chronic constipation is present over a period of time it is advised that you seek help from your doctor who can investigate if you suffer with any intestinal disorders. For instance irritable bowel syndrome can lead to constipation, bouts of diarrhea, stomach cramps and back pain.

Eliminating Constipation

As a rough guideline try drinking plenty of fluids like water or fruit juices mixed with water, not alcohol or fizzy type drinks. Water is the blood of life and your body needs plenty of it to function properly. The best to drink is purified water which is much better than ordinarily tap or bottled water. It can help in relieving constipation and minor back problems. Eat plenty of fiber including vegetables and fruit.

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