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What is gastric banding !?

This textdiscusses about a surgery named gastric banding and the complications that mayarise after the surgery. When this operation is performed anadjustable band which surrounds the top of the stomach is placed. This pouchperforms the function of holding food. A tube is connected with a reservoirunder the skin of the abdomen and this item is used for adjusting the tightness ofthe band. Performing this operation is said to be very simple and very common.

Gastric banding is an operation used in the cases of obese patients and it helps them to reducebody mass. Because of the obesity, these patients endanger their lives, and theirbodies can suffer greatly because of their weight. Problems such as heartconditions higher blood pressure, diabetes, high level of cholesterol, stroke,depression, sleep apnea and many others may be avoided by performing gastric banding. Several variables are taken into consideration when the surgery is discussed and first diets will have to be performed in order to lose weight.If this is not successful surgery can be performed. Body mass index and priormedical conditions are some of the variables considered.

Complications of gastric banding

Leakage is the first possible complication and it can occur either right after thesurgery or many years later from the balloon or the SAGB. If thishappens, SAGB has to be replaced.Migration and infections can also occur. There is a possibility that the infection will occur in the port of the abdomen, and if this happens another surgery is required, since this will cause the band to move deeper into the stomach. Migration is aproblem which happens when the balloon has more than 8 ml of fluid and it can also lead to subclinical infection, though these cases do not happen often.Problems like slipped band, dislocation of the injection port enlarged pouchand puncture of the silicone tube or a band are possible. Althoughthe SAGB has lifetime warranty complications are possible. There is a possibility you will vomit after eating, so try to eat slowly andmonitor the stomach's activity. This problem suggests improper level of balloon’sfluid. Constipation can also occur.


When a person reduced weight, vitamins have to be used. During the first threemonths, consuming vitamin supplements is advised especially vitamin B complex.Also, we do not advise using diets during pregnancy. Naturally, child willrequire nutrition and starvation cannot produce the needed nutrients for thefetus. Tablets will have to be consumed crushed. Although regular checkups areneeded, it is never a bad time to visit a doctor. So if you are having some discomfort,you should go to a doctor.

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