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Giant muscles around the humerus are making indirect palpation. The arm for instance, is segmented on anterior and posterior parts, with 2 intramuscular septa: medial and lateral. The anterior segment has the brachialis muscles, biceps brachii or coracobrachialis. Also there is the brachial artery and vein which are the musculocutaneous median and ulnar nerves. And the radial nerve and triceps muscle is placed in posterior segment.

Almost all bone fractures heal with no problem, but there may be possible complications that may lead to a healing process delay. Infections are usual complications of fractures. And infections may occur, if the bone pierce the skin and wound opens, so it comes to bacterial contaminations.

If the wound is superficial, treatment of a bone fracture is very simple. But if bone gets infected then there may be serious complications, which can occur: such complication is called osteomyelitis. The bone can dies off if it is not promptly and properly treated. The condition is getting away to a proper healing which may lead to a chronic condition. Beside usual treatment with antibiotics it may lead to a state when it is necessary to remove infected part.


Union means fracture healing joint, where the broken bone have been put together. The complications are possible and it is by this term, referred to a phase of a healing process (mal-union, non-union, delayed union). A delayed union means that bone fragments are broken, but still mobile for 4 months after the injury.

In such case, bone infections do not set good enough fragments of the bone and limit all supply of the blood. In that case, surgeon does a bone grafting operation. It is a procedur, when a small bone is removed from other part of body, to be injected at the region of fracture. Non-union of fractured bone is when the fracture is not united for months and changes were already made in the bone, and that condition may remain that way forever to just a certain degree of immovability.

Mal-union complication refers to a fracture union. This deformity stays as a disability of certain degree for good. While avascular necrosis includes fracture complication, that may occur due to a irregular blood supply. Bone dies if there is not enough blood and nutricients that circles. Surgery redirects supply of blood to bone and an artificial bone fragment need to replace the dead fragment of bone.

The most often severe complications of bone fractures may be a simple bone shrinking: it is a tendons and muscle injury, located around fracture region of injury and fracture. Damage of nerves may also be dangerous when it is possible for doctor to fix nerves surgically.

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