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Researchers say that autism can be hereditary, but not only that they say that infertility treatments are linked to autism too. This question was raised after the study from Harvard school was published. Researchers found a link between mothers who were treated with Clomid and other ovulation inducing drugs and autistic children. Harvard School of Public Health found that the chance that mother who was treated with ovulation-induced drugs is going to give birth to autistic child is greater for almost 50%. And the researchers also claim that the longer woman was treated for infertility the more likely she is going to give birth to autistic child.

However, the data isn't based on clinical records but on the responses from women which is the main reason it is not possible to confirm the timing of infertility treatment with the diagnosis for autism. The theory behind says that there is a link between male hormones in the womb with emotional skills in childhood. For example, researchers from Cambridge university have suggested that both female and male embryos that were exposed to abnormal levels of testosterone (male hormone) before they were born, are more likely to develop traits typical of autism.

These traits include solitary activities and strong numerical and pattern-recognition skills. However, this study included only non-autistic children the study does provide some of the firmest biological evidence that the social impairments that are typical of autism may be affected by prenatal exposure to male hormone.

The idea behind this theory says that human brains work in a manner to empathize with others or to understand how system works. For example, women are more likely to fall into the first group a group that empathize with others, while men would fall into the second group into group that tries to understand how things work. Autistic people on the other hand are extreme systemizers, meaning that their social problems occur from fundamental difficulty with empathy.

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