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Psychology is the science that studies human mind and behavior. Three main components of mind that psychology deals with are cognition, affection and conation (motivation). However, there are many other aspects of mental function and behavior that psychology studies. Because of that, different fields of psychology exist.

Branches of PsychologyAbnormal PsychologyThis field of psychology deals with unusual pattern of behavior and causes of such behavior. Abnormal psychology is a part of the treatment for various mental diseases and disorders such as depression, sexual deviation, schizophrenia and others.

Psychology of Addiction

Psychology of addiction studies psychological and physiological causes of dependence on substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs. This branch of psychology also aims to manage the addiction.

Psychology of Altruism

Altruism is defined as unselfish concern for the welfare of other people. Psychology of altruism is interested in factors that contribute to selflessness.

Psychology of Advertising

This field of psychology investigates customer and consumer behavior with regard to different methods and strategies of advertising. Results of this study help to choose advertising techniques that attract customers.

Psychology of Ambition

This branch studies negative and positive elements that are involved in the process of development of ambition in a person.

Animal Psychology

Animal psychology is interested in mind and behavior of animals.

Psychology of Atheism

Psychology of atheism studies the factors that cause people to question and disbelieve in existence of God.

Psychology of AttractionThis field of psychology examines elements that are in control of relationships between people. It also deals with underlying factors of a relationship.

Psychology of Behavior

Psychology of behavior or behavioral psychology studies patterns of behavior in people that result in a particular behavior.

Biological Psychology

This branch of psychology investigates biological aspect of behavior.

Child Psychology

This scientific approach examines development of children.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology studies mental processes that influence behavior such as perception, thinking and memory.

Comparative Psychology

This field investigates mental processes and behavior in animals in order to gain better understanding of human psychology.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is concerned with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental diseases and disorders.

Psychology of Communication

This field of psychology analyzes verbal and non-verbal communication.

Criminal Psychology

This psychology field investigates mental processes in criminals and causes of their behavior.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is a part of the criminal justice system that investigates psychology of criminals.

Industrial Psychology

This branch of psychology studies behavior of employees and employers. It also searches for ways to improve performance of a person at his workplace.


Neuropsychology analyzes function of the brain with regard to behavior.

Personality Psychology

This field of psychology studies types of personalities as well as psychology of each type.

School Psychology

School psychology includes principles of educational and clinical psychology. It aims to treat students with learning problems.

Social Psychology

Social psychology studies social influence and social interaction between individuals and groups.

Sport Psychology

This field of psychology analyzes different elements that are involved in a person’s performance in sports.

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