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Many companies have client server relationship networks. This actually means that every company who uses this system should install the software on all computers and workstations. Only this way will the server be able to communicate with these machines efficiently.

The Problem with Client Server Networks

Client server networks demand that all computers on this network should be exactly the same, causing plenty of troubles to the company. Every single computer using this network should have the same operating system and equipment in order to communicate with the server. All of them should be using only Macintosh, Linux or Windows, so it might be a pretty big problem to install the same operating system, especially if the company already has several offices and all of them use different operating system. Beside this, all computers and equipment should be inventoried and then identified for the needed changes. Based upon these preliminary actions, computers and other machines could be upgraded or discarded. Depending on the size and number of offices of the company, this could involve thousands of upgraded or completely new machines and also a lot of money spent on them.

Why is Clientless Remote Access Better?

Systems which do not use the client side terminal are considered to be much better option. In these clientless systems, it is much easier to setup and manage the network, since this is the streamline process.

Clientless systems do not need any special changes on your computers and they work on any computer. It could have any hardware or software inside, because this system does not need something specific. Remote access means that the server can be accessed via remote connection and all it needs is connection to local area network or to the internet.

If you want to use this clientless remote access you do not need to install anything, but you will have to setup the server. It does not matter what system you use, but the software on the server has to be ready to communicate.

The company responsible for the access and repair of the server now does not have to be on the site to get the job done, so you do not have to worry. It will be much easier to access patients’ records, because all you are going to need will be a web browser and you can read regardless where you are at the moment. Your patients will appreciate that you have their medical history in front of you, so they do not have to repeat that over and over again. This way, the company will present itself as technologically aware and modern.

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